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Music Stuff ...

I play a few instruments - guitar (electric, acoustic), Irish tenor banjo, 5-string banjo, mandolin, lap-steel, Irish bouzouki (and sometimes bass). I play mainly in a traditional/folky/ rock-ceilidh band - Five Minutes To Midnight

Now here's Ronnie and The Cyclones -
Ronnie and The Cyclones

When Anything Was Possible
When Anything Was Possible (2020)

All Around The Bay
All Around The Bay (2022)

Enrico's Diner (2024)

The Foss Way

The Foss Way - for non-UK readers - is a characteristically straight Roman road extending from Lincoln to the church at Axmouth, Devon, passing through Warwickshire. It is often spelt "Fosse Way". The road is preserved as an A-class road for much of its length, and its original route is clearly visible from road-maps of England. There's more detail about the Foss Way at Rural Roads co uk
... and many more, including (of course) Wikipedia
Cathiron, Warwickshire

Jeremy Foss CEng, MIET

  • Senior Lecturer, research and consultant in broadcast engineering, communications, digital media technology and associated technologies. Lecturing (to undergraduate and postgraduate level) in the DMT Lab, Centre for Digital Technology, Birmingham City University.
  • Also a visiting lecturer (in Broadcast, Telecommunications and Computer Networks) at a number of institutions
  • Current consultancy and research activities - see Technology Expertise, below.

Technology Expertise

  • Media / telecommunications networks, systems architectures and solutions; Media distribution networks, broadband / triple play (Multiplay), xDSL, Cable TV, IPTV, Satellite TV, mobile distributions.
  • Current research includes interactive and personalised TV and media brokerage involving object based video, hybrid style distribution
  • Low latency media distribution
  • Signal processing, encoding, compression
  • Multi-agent system applications
  • Information infrastructures applied to commercial media; content brokerage, media value models, revenue and usage tracking, smart contracts, etc.
  • Automated enterprises
  • Workflow, metadata, rights and content management
  • Regulatory issues
  • Virtual worlds (and convergence with networked media)

Academic and Lecturing

  • Subject leader in Broadcast Engineering in the Centre of Digital Technology, Birmingham City University
  • Designed the MSc Programme in Broadcast Engineering (delivered in conjunction with the BBC Academy)
  • Lecturing in broadcast and networked media, signal compression and transmission, network architectures and solutions, media workflow

Papers, Publications and Presentations

Professional Memberships



Brief Resume

  • Thirty years' experience in the telecommunications industry
  • Fourteen years' experience in university lecturing and research
  • Research and development in  interactive services, media distribution, broadband access and services development, metadata and smart contracts, network architectures and infrastructures, intelligent networks, data communications protocols,
  • Various collaborative projects between industry and universities for UK government funding and also for European framework funding. Research projects included industry/academic collaborative projects on networked virtual reality applications, intelligent agent-based e-commerce markets and adaptive services, information services and infrastructures.
  • Presented papers and spoken at a number of highest level international conferences and events and instrumental in a wide range of international collaborative work programs.
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