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Current Position

Senior lecturer, research and consultant in Broadcast Engineering, Communications, Digital Media Technology; lecturing (to undergraduate and postgraduate level) in the School Of Computing and Digital Technology; Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment, Birmingham City University. (See also Research in the School of Digital Media Technology).

Also a visiting lecturer (in Telecommunications and Computer Networks, Broadcast Engineering) at various institutions

Current consultancy and research involvement includes interactive and personalised networked video, personalised TV, networked media distribution (Cable TV, Telco IPTV, Satellite, DTTV, OTT-WebTV, etc); media brokerage; applications of virtual environments

Technology Expertise

     Academic and Lecturing

Career Activities

2005 - to date 

Senior Lecturer, Research, School of Digital Media Technology 

 Subjects: Broadcast Engineering and Media Technologies, specifically networked media, signal compression and transmission, network architectures and solutions, media workflow ; to undergraduate, postgraduate levels
 Subject leader in Multimedia and Broadcast in the School of Digital Media Technology, Birmingham City University
 MSc Programme in Broadcast Engineering (delivered in conjunction with the BBC), lecturing on modules: Media Solutions and Architectures, Workflow Methods; Signal Compression and Transmission; Media Acquisition and Presentation
Guest lecturer at other universities
 Research activities (see below),  presentations at a number of events (see Papers and Publications, below)
 Member of the Scientific Committee, ECUMICT (biennial conference in Gent, Belgium)
 Member of the Accreditation Committee, Northern California University 
 April 2012 - Won an "Extra Mile Award" for "Extra Support for Students"

 Research Project Collaborative Project "LiVE" - Learning In Virtual Environments -  matched-funded collaborative project between Birmingham City University, Daden Limited, Birmingham City Council, Digital Birmingham and BT. I was instrumental in setting up and defining the project.  

 Currently undertaking research investigations in applications of virtual environments, interactive TV.

  Member of the Accreditation Committee for Northern California University.  

Career in the Telecommunications Industry before 2005

1975-2005 - GEC Telecommunications, GPT and Marconi Communications, 1975-2005

Note - 1975-1988: GEC Telecommunications; GEC became GPT in 1988; GPT became Marconi Communications in 1999.

2001- 2005: Technical Marketing Organisation - Consultant Engineer / Solutions Architect

Triple Play (IP Voice, Data and Media distribution on Broadband)

Derived and managed strategy for correlating triple play services across Marconi covering both technical and marketing aspects; derived evolving market value models for media distribution and service integration. Worked with third party partners, specifically for IPTV, SoftSwitch (VoIP).

Managed Triple Play solution for a Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) project: Liaison with partners to successfully derive a solution and integration of partner equipment.


Vision and innovative service solutions

Developed scenarios for market adoption of disruptive technologies, services and user adoption (e.g. P2P distribution); forecast of effects on next generation networks and services.

Market analysis and intelligence. Provided key support within Marconi, including Government facing facilities. Developed accurate scenarios for market reaction to disruptive technologies and radical user adoption; effects on next generation networks and services


Demonstration Suite / Validation Model

Managed the development strategy of the demonstration suite. Managed model development and configuration for broadband access/triple play and SoftSwitch demonstrations; collaborated with suppliers to build the access, triple play and VoIP models; presentations of solutions to a wide range of CXOs, partners and customers. Managed the development of an online interactive demonstration facility, design of on-line interactive demonstrations.

Managed the logistics for demonstration models for exhibitions (CeBIT, etc.): Design and build of models, shipping, installation and associated formalities.


Also responsible for ...

Exhibitions, presentations - CeBIT, VON, Enterprise Networks, invited speaker to events, etc.

Support for commercial bids, including government-facing initiatives

Representation at Broadband Stakeholders Group (BSG)


1999 - 2001: Strategy Department - Consultant Engineer

Next Generation Services and Applications Group

Vision and innovative new service solutions; Market analysis and technology trend development.

Initiated and pursued study of service brokerage concepts, technologies and markets.

Awarded joint patent (with P.J.Williams, ex-GPT) - for "Mobile Terminals in the Enhanced Internet.


Research Project with Southampton University: Brokerage in an Information Economy (1998-2000)

Founded and managed a highly successful project in agent based brokerage for online information economies, taking concepts into a joint-academic collaboration (with University of Southampton). Developed the concepts for the study; directed the strategic development; conveyed the project in white papers delivered at international conferences. The project successfully developed highly advanced agent architectures for online negotiation and service platform management for automated enterprises.


Research Project: Centuri21 (EU funded, online communities, 1999-2001)

Provided key vision and input to Centuri21 (EU funded project for online local authority services): Formulated the direction, objectives and work packages of the project; managed the user interface development. The project delivered numerous innovative online services across Europe. See annex to this cv for project details.


Project Advantage W.Midlands - Coventry and Warwickshire Strategy for the Information Society

As invited consultant, provided key input into strategic plans; communications technology consultation


QMW Industrial Steering Panel

Was a member of the Industrial Panel for the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Queen Mary Westfield College (University of London). The role involved planning and guidelines on development of MSc courses.


1988 - 1999: Specialist Engineer

System design and development for Intelligent Network (IN) (1990-95)
CSCW, Virtual Organisations, Networked Virtual Reality (1991-96)

Research in VR and real world correlation; VR User interface metaphors; networked collaborative working (CSCW)

Research project at GEC's Hirst Research Laboratories, investigating networked VR. Management for project for budget and strategic issues.


Research Project: Virtuosi - Networked Virtual Reality (1993-1996)

Was joint-founder of project (DTI funded: 6 industrial partners, 4 Universities): Key input in the project building stage: negotiating with collaborative partners, rationalising project shape against collaborative resources, budgets and manpower; building in relevant technology and social-science partners. Formulating direction, objectives and work packages of project. The project was a milestone for the development of virtual communities and interfaces for collaborative working.

Provision of key technical input on telecommunications aspects; cross-project inter-disciplinary integration. Conveying project concepts in white papers, delivering at international conferences. See annex to this cv for project details.


Community Networks Projects

Was invited for consultation on telecommunications network infrastructures; information service infrastructures. Provided key input into strategic plans; communications technology and online user services:

National Rural Enterprise Centre (became the "Regionet" project) (1996-98)

Lincolnshire 2000 community Network (1997)


Information Services and Infrastructures

Key input on service infrastructures to GPT's strategy exercises and studies. Key member of "new networks and services" strategic development groups and forums

Identified market/technology trends; promoted the issues and opportunities; identified and liaised with partners (industrial, academic); formulate findings and opportunities in written papers for publications; research projects resulted, along with input to strategic planning. A key achievement was the concept of service brokerage technologies, realisations and evolving markets. Was awarded an Individual Contribution Award for work on next generation services.


Pre 1988 - Development Engineer

1986-88 Development of C7: CCITT standards recommendations.

1986-88 Development of GSM protocols: CCITT standards recommendations.

1984-88 Proposals and developments for data networks access to ISDN (X25, X75, X71, X31, etc), CCITT standards recommendations. Input to New Networks Technology Forum X25 group.

1981-84 Work on "System X" and ISDN signalling protocols (DASS, DASS2, DPNSS, CCITT I.series)

1980-81 MOD Projects

1979-80 Aston University - "Bosworth Course" (postgraduate course, Telecommunications Technology)

1975-79 Development of signalling protocols on Crossbar Switching system; logic circuit design.


Papers, Publications and Presentations

DataTV 2019: 1st International Workshop on Data-Driven Personalisation of Television (J D Foss, L Nixon, B Shirley, B Philipp, B Malheiro, V Mezaris, S Kepplinger, A Ulisses); DataTV 2019: 1st International Workshop on Data-Driven Personalisation of Television, Manchester, June 2019

Stream Recommendation using Individual Hyper-Parameters (B Veloso, B Malheiro, J Foss); DataTV 2019: 1st International Workshop on Data-Driven Personalisation of Television, Manchester 2019

MPEG Intellectual Property Rights Ontologies for Media Trading and Personalization (P Kudumakis, T Wilmering, M Sandler, J D Foss); DataTV 2019: 1st International Workshop on Data-Driven Personalisation of Television, Manchester 2019

Personalised Dynamic Viewer Profiling for Streamed Data (B Veloso, B Malheiro, J C Burguillo, J Foss, J Gama); Trends and Advances in Information Systems and Technologies, 2018. In WorldCIST'18 2018, Ed. Rocha ., Adeli H., Reis L.P., Costanzo S., Springer International Publishing, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, ISBN 978-3-319-77711-5, Vol. 746, 501-510. Digital Object Identifier: 10.1007/978-3-319-77712-2_47.

Improving On-line Genre-based Viewer Profiling. Veloso B, University of Vigo, Spain; INESC TEC, Portugal; Malheiro B, ISEP/Polytechnic of Porto, Portugal, INESC TEC, Portugal; Burguillo J B, University of Vigo, Spain; Foss J, Birmingham City University, United Kingdom. TVX2017 Workshop on In-Programme Personalisation for Broadcast (IPP4B). Hilversum, Netherlands 2017

In-Programme Personalisation for Broadcast: IPP4B (Workshop Summary). Foss J, Birmingham City University. UK; Shirley B, University of Salford. UK; Malheiro B, ISEP/IPP - Polytechnic of Porto & INESC TEC, Portugal; Kepplinger K, Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology, Germany; Ulisses A, MOG Technologies, Portugal; Armstrong M, BBC R&D, London, UK. TVX2017 Workshop on In-Programme Personalisation for Broadcast (IPP4B). Hilversum, Netherlands 2017

Personalised Fading for Stream Data (B Veloso, B Malheiro, J C Burguillo, J Foss) Proceedings of the Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 2017), ACM, Marrakesh, Marrocos, 2017. ISBN 978-1-4503-4486-9. 870-872. Digital Object Identifier: 10.1145/3019612.3019868.

Object-Media: From Personalisation To A Seamless TV/VR Convergence. Jeremy Foss, Birmingham City University, UK; Alexandre Ulisses, MOG Technologies, Portugal; Nicolas Monnoyer, Big Bad Wolf, Belgium. IBC Futurzone presentation, Amsterdam 2016

Product Placement Platform for Personalised Advertising (B Veloso, B Malheiro, J C Burguillo, J Foss); New European Media (NEM) Summit 2016, Porto, Portugal, 2016.

B2B Platform for Media Content Personalisation (B Malheiro, J D Foss, J C Burguillo-Rial); MUSST: Workshop on Multi-User Services for Social TV, EuroITV 2013, Como, Italy; June 2013

Roadmap for a Comprehensive Evaluation Approach on QoE of Interactive and Personalized TV (J Liebetrau, S Kepplinger, A Cristea, J D Foss);1st International Workshop on Interactive Content Consumption at EuroITV 2013, Como, Italy; June 2013

Flexilink: A Unified Low Latency Network Architecture for Multichannel Live Audio; (Y.Wang, J.Grant, J D Foss);133rd AES Convention, San Francisco; October 2012

Poster: Personalisation of Networked Video (J D Foss, B Malheiro, J C Burguillo-Rial); Futurezone, IBC2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 2012

Personalisation of Networked Video (J D Foss, B Malheiro, J C Burguillo-Rial); EuroITV, Berlin, Germany, July 2012

Personalised Placement in Networked Video (J D Foss, B Malheiro, J C Burguillo-Rial); MutliA-Pro, Lyon, France, March 2012

Negotiation Platform for Personalised Advertising (L V de Sousa, B Malheiro, J D Foss); ECUMICT, Gent, Belgium, March 2012

Dynamic Personalisation of Media Content (J D Foss, B Malheiro, J C Burguillo-Rial); Semantic Media Adaptation and Personalization (SMAP), Vigo, Spain, December 2011

Issues for Mixed Reality Multi-National Universities (J.D.Foss); Media  Education Summit, Birmingham UK, September 2010

Object-Based Media: Quantum Information ("A Head In The Cloud")  (J.D.Foss);  article in publication "The New Optimists: Scientists View Tomorrow's World & What It Means To Us?, (ed K Cooper) for the 2010 British Science Festival.

A Proposal For Media Brokerage (B.Malheiro, J.D.Foss); ECUMICT, Gent, Belgium, March 2010

Lessons From Learning In Virtual Environments (J.D.Foss); British Journal of Educational Technology (Blackwell), Vol 40 No 3, p556-560; May 2009

LiVE - Learning in Virtual Environments (J.D.Foss); ECUMICT, Gent, Belgium, March 2008

Dynamic Intelligent Intermediation (J.D.Foss); invited presentation to BBC Technology Forum, December 2005

Beyond MultiPlay (J.D.Foss); invited presentation to BBC Technology Forum, February 2005

From Triple Play To The Global Jukebox (J.D.Foss); invited presentation to BBC Technology Forum, July 2004

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Brokering the Info-Underworld (J.D.Foss); UNICOM seminar, "Real World Applications of Intelligent Agents", Heathrow, UK, June 1996

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Information Services and Group Activities in a National Information Infrastructure (J.D.Foss); Fifth IEE conference on Telecommunications (ICT'95), Brighton, UK, March 1995.

The Global Information Trading Environment (J.D.Foss, E.Ackroyd, B.C.M.Atkin); ISSLS'93, Vancouver, BC, Canada, September 1993

Information Trading In Distributed Virtual Environments (J.D.Foss, E.Ackroyd, B.C.M.Atkin); IEE colloquium "Using Virtual Worlds", London, May 1993.


Have supplied quotes and input for a number of other publications.

Professional Memberships
Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (the IET)
      (registered as Chartered Engineer, C.Eng )

Member of SMPTE

Member of The Internet Society (ISOC)

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